About Me

I’m Katie, your go-to-gal when it comes to all things writing and reaimg_6951ding. I caught the writing bug at the lovely, awkward age of fourteen and have been hooked ever since. I grew up believing that my letter to Hogwarts or that vampire in my science class would one day burst into my life and change my world forever. It was a sad day when those dreams were not realized (don’t lie, you’ve been there).

Over my seven years of writing, I’ve learned a few things. Through personal research as well as my years as an English major with access to creative writing classes at both the University of Iowa and Colorado State University, I’ve acquired heaps of knowledge. These tips have really helped me better my writing, and I would love to share the things I’ve picked up with you!

Believe me, I understand just how daunting writing a novel can be, and no one is born knowing everything. Discouragement, stress, and general feelings of inferiority are natural, but I’m here to help you navigate your way past all these icky distractions so you can finally publish your masterpiece!

A Chicago native, I live in Colorado with far too many animals and books cluttering my home. While being holed up in my house for days at a time writing (and I have to admit not looking far from Gollum) is all fun and games, I also adore hiking through the mountains, traveling, and drinking far too much tea.